Your child’s sixth (and seventh) sense

  Helping your child to get in touch with their senses might sound a bit hippy-dippy 😉 but when it comes to having a child who is confident, resilient, adaptable, and co-ordinated, their sensory development is key. We’re all familiar with the five senses of sight, touch, sound, taste and smell. But there are two more senses you may not have heard of, which are VITAL to your child’s ability to orientate themselves and react appropriately to their environment. Want your little one to be adept and comfortable in their surroundings? Read on… Proprioception is self-awareness of where our body is in space. It’s amazing how we can sense and control our body position in a split second, often without even ‘thinking’ about it. Children who spend a lot of time playing outdoors end up with a very strong proprioceptive sense. Think about activities such as clambering over rocks and climbing trees – which hand should go where? How much force do I need to use from my right foot to propel myself upwards, so that my left hand can grab onto that outcrop? How far will I have to crouch down in order to jump high enough to get … Continue reading Your child’s sixth (and seventh) sense