Outdoorsy Health & Wellness Workshops

We can teach your team WHY it is critical to fit more of the outside in, HOW to prioritise it, and WHAT they can do to make it a permanent part of their lifestyle.


  • For corporates: Learn simple strategies for using the outdoors as a counter-balance to the technological overload. Explore the science behind our brain pathways and the links between nature and concentration/relaxation. You’ll get ideas for bringing the outside in at work, and that you don’t have to be sporty to be outdoorsy! See better connection and communication, increased productivity, and a happier workplace as a result. 90 minutes.
  • For teachers: Staff will learn how vital it is to prioritise time outdoors as a stress-busting tool. Discover new and applicable ways to find the time to get outside, plus ideas on where to go and what to do which can be shared with students and parents. Improve the immunity, health and wellbeing of your entire school community. 90 minutes.
  • For parents: Find out how you can fit more of the outside in! This fun, interactive workshop is designed to help families get motivated, inspired, and confident when it comes to getting everyone outdoors more regularly. Ideal for daycares and parenting groups to offer to the parents in their communities. 90 minutes.

“Our team really enjoyed Michelle’s workshop. She was full of energy! We all came away with tons of strategies to fit more of the outdoors in, so important these days when there’s so much screen time at work. My staff were inspired and motivated!” – Louise Tanguay, The Sleep Store

Speaking / events

Need an engaging, inspiring speaker for your next event? Whether it is a keynote on the latest science-based research into the effect of the outdoors on resilience, to running breakout sessions on outdoor inspiration, Outdoorsy NZ can make lasting impression on your audience.

‘I felt empowered, connected, and inspired!’ Storm Baynes-Ryan

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