My Story

Hey, I’m Michelle. I’m gathering up Mums who crave more sunshine in their lives, and are totally into the outdoors. Come along for the ride!

We’re more inspired outside, right? I hope this blog helps you find even more reasons to get out into the wild blue yonder.

When I’m not writing or working, I can be found trail running, getting immersed in something watery, hiking, or tickling my children. Often, there’s cake.

I’ve sailed many places in the world, but these days my heart is anchored here at home in New Zealand with my husband Brenton, little boys Nate and Tasman, and mad dog Scout. This place is PARADISE. If you haven’t been, please come visit! And if you live here too, can you believe your luck?!

Want to know more? Let’s get random:

1) I am not a cat person but for some reason they love me

2) I dream about taking my sons to Alaska to see grizzly bears catch salmon in a river

3) Lemons. For so many reasons, I can’t live without them

4) Spending most of my late teens and early twenties at sea, I never got my driver’s license until I was 26! I was offered a job as a sales rep, so the next day I bought a car, passed the driver’s test, and drove to Taupo to do the job (400km south). My mother nearly had a heart attack

5) You wanna know what really grates me? ‘Easy-open’ packaging that is anything BUT easy to open…really

6) For a while there when I was a toddler, I would only pee on grass. Yup. That was a challenge for my parents at 35,000 feet when we had to fly across the world. Guess I was born outdoorsy.

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