Hi, I’m Michelle. I help people fit more of the outdoors in, so that they feel energised, recharged, and firing to take on all the challenges at home and at work.

I’m a kiwi mum to two energetic little boys, and I understand how easy it can be to put self-care on the back burner, especially after having kids. But this is exactly when we need to be nurturing ourselves, so that we have the strength (and the patience!) to nurture others and enjoy optimum good health and wellbeing.

Spending quality time outdoors (both with and without children) should be a key part of that self-care.

Outdoorsy NZ started as a blog, blossomed into a rapidly growing online community, then took on an identity of its own as we created events and connected people outdoors ‘in real life’. This is my passion! I love helping people get outdoors more, and to see them recalibrate as a result.

How do we do it?  Through offering a free online community to support Outdoorsy Mamas, a membership option for mums’ adventures, and regular outdoor events and retreats.

For businesses, we present wellbeing workshops, design outdoor programs to complement corporate health and wellness, and speak at corporate events. We can speak and provide inspiration for universities and schools. It’s even better if we can tie these in with conservation projects or community initiatives!

When I’m not working, I can be found trail running, getting immersed in something watery, hiking, or tickling my children. Often, there’s cake.

I’ve sailed many places in the world, but these days my heart is anchored here at home in New Zealand with my husband Brenton, sons Nate and Tasman, and mad dog Scout. This place is PARADISE, full of pockets and places to explore. I’m so proud (and fortunate) to be a New Zealander.

Want to know more? Let’s get random:

1) I am not a cat person but for some reason they love me

2) I dream about taking my sons to Alaska to see grizzly bears catch salmon in a river

3) Lemons. For so many reasons, I can’t live without them

4) I can do an EXCELLENT wolf whistle, musterer style. Get in behind!

5) I spent a very long time in the wine industry, getting grapey, working with Central Otago Pinot Noir. So if you’re keen for a vino post-adventure, I’m your gal!

If you’re a business wanting help with employee health and wellness, email me at [email protected] I would love to work with you.

If you’re a mum, join our energetic Facebook group, The Outdoorsy Mama for awesome tips, ideas, and inspo from other outdoorsy mamas just like you! You can find us here.

Calling all outdoorsy mamas!

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