Cabin fever

Cabin fever! Ugh. For some of us, it feels like a hot, itchy thing that you neeeeed to scratch but it’s just all over! Or… a panicky upwelling in your chest which is uncontainable. Does it make you feel anxious? Butterflies in the stomach? Maybe it’s a grey, drizzly huff of irritability that snaps out of your mouth and verbally slaps those around you. Is it a jiggle in your foot, toe to heel, until your knee is bouncing away under the table erratically and you just have to get up and pace around? Whichever way it manifests itself, you know you JUST. NEED. TO. GET. OUTSIDE. And DO SOMETHING!

There are lots of things that ensnare us inside our daily lives. Yup, you guys are a busy lot. The daily commute can depress, or the children can snivel and cling, or your back injury can niggle, or the rain can continually swashel down, the grocery shopping just won’t do itself, emails constantly demand your attention, meetings to go to, meals to cook, laundry piles up, and next thing you know? You wake up with a crick in your neck, somewhere around midnight, there’s probably some drool, and you lurch off the couch in the dark to turn off the flashing TV. Another day done and dusted, and you REALLY meant to get out for a run.

Getting outdoors presses the reset button, don’t you reckon? Even a walk in the rain can bring gratitude into the grottiest day. ‘Specially when you stride past another mad person out there getting drenched, and you flash a grin of mad solicitude to each other. I love the kind of exhilaration you get from being outdoorsy in the wet. ‘Cos you didn’t want to go, but you did! And when it’s blowing, you don’t actually have to breathe, you just open your mouth and a gale fills your lungs. In my city, there are wild west coast beaches that I MUCH prefer to walk on when it’s a wind-whipping, cloud-clashing, salt-spray day, than a lapping, hot, tranquil one.

So here’s to getting out there. Especially when it’s not the weather equivalent of puppies and unicorns. Snowboarding in a whiteout, surfing in a storm, flying a kite when you can hardly hold onto it…we’re just more inspired when we get outside, whatever the weather.

Calling all outdoorsy mamas!

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