5 Outdoorsy ways to dig yourself out of a hole

We all have those days.

And sometimes, they’re weeks.

You’re in a funk. You’re in a hole. You’re just not feeling quite right about life and it is proving difficult to snap yourself out of it.

Sometimes, it’s ‘simply’ that time of the month. Or, there’s crappy stuff going on around work, or family, or seemingly EVERYTHING, and it’s just starting to wear you down.

Or the baby won’t stop crying. Or the kids won’t stop bickering.

Or you don’t know why.

The point is, shit happens, and we all know it’s not all puppies and unicorns. We want to be more ‘mindful’ and present, and relaxed, motivated, happy, and we all deserve to feel those things… so what CAN you do when you feel like you just.can’t.adult.today?

You’re not alone – it’s actually really common. I realised this last year when I had a shocker of a week that I couldn’t climb out of, and started to talk to some friends about it – soooo many of them said they had battled these feelings often.

I knew that I didn’t want to fall back into that hole, so I decided to build myself a wee arsenal of strategies that I could refer to if I felt overwhelmed like that again. And, funnily enough, most of those things on my list had something to do with the outdoors!

So here you go – here’s my list. I really hope it might help some of you guys if you ever need it, too.

  1. Move it. Get outside, let the fresh air do its work, and get walking, running, bike riding, swimming, booting a ball around with the kids in the park, gardening, anything physical that gets the endorphins cranking. Those things are magic.
  2. Green therapy. Find a peaceful park, forest trail, little patch of native bush, or even a corner of the garden to sit, even if just for 10 minutes, and try to let your mind relax. Listen. Taste the air. Feel the breeze on your skin. Just try to be still.
  3. Do something unusual, or that scares you. This is the last thing you’ll feel like doing – but believe me, it works pretty well! It can be quite empowering. Climb a tree higher than you feel comfortable. If you live near the sea, do a’bomb’ (for non-New Zealanders, read ‘big jump making a splash’) off the wharf with the local kids. Talk a friend into doing one of those high ropes courses with you. Go mountain biking on a trail that has previously freaked you out a bit. Go snorkeling in deeper water than you normally might. It depends what your threshold is, just get your heart rate thumping a bit and then congratulate yourself afterwards. Maybe with chocolate.
  4. Surround yourself with positive people! Again, this will be hard, because often when you’re feeling down, you just want to crawl into a little hole and not see or talk to anyone. But there’s this saying, ‘you’re the sum of the 6 people you spend the most time with’. Make sure those people aren’t negative nancies who bring you down – if you want to be confident, energetic, and optimistic, then spend time with people who are that way, and help you to feel that way, too. Six-year-olds included! Make a date to do something outdoorsy with them and the sun may just peek out from behind the clouds.
  5. This might sounds dumb. It’s a little embarrassing writing it 😉 BUT I do recommend it. It involves a bit of creative visualisation…go for a swim somewhere. At the indoor pool, if it’s winter and you have to. But preferably outdoors, in the sea, a river or lake, or any outdoor pool. As you dive in, imagine the water rinsing all the crappy thoughts off you, out of you, and washing them away. Enjoy the sensation. And as you get out, know that you’re leaving all the depressing stuff behind, you’re cleansed of it, done with it, it has no hold on you. Feel refreshed.

Any of the things above could just help to press your reset button – I hope so, and I’m sending you all the happy and positive vibes I can 🙂

But also realise that if nothing is working, it’s ok Mama. Please don’t be afraid to ask for help. xo




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